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"Using a CubiScan helped to smoothly and efficiently implement their WMS, resulting in immediate cost savings and increased productivity. Now, all of the company’s distribution facilities employ at least 2 CubiScan 100s to maintain accurate cube and weight data."
Dollar General
"The division’s other 19 DCs have been able to take advantage of it too. Measurements stored in the WMS are available systemwide, which means any facility can use the data collected in Philadelphia to optimize its own storage areas."
Home Depot
"In purely financial terms, it’s quite feasible that CubiScan’s dimensioning and our other system’s use of that information deliver savings in the realm of 10 or more percent in our distribution cost."
United Book Distributors, PAG

CubiScan static systems are designed to accurately measure and weigh stationary items in a warehouse or freight handling operation where valuable cube and weight information is electronically collected and sent directly to a warehouse management or freight manifesting system. From small, battery-powered mobile work stations to large pallet dimensioning systems, Quantronix offers the broadest range of static dimensioning and weighing systems on the market.

Increase productivity and lower operating costs:

Improve processing speeds by automating your cubing and weighing with Cubiscan systems.
Our automated cubing and weighing systems delivery more accurate results with fewer mistakes.
Cubiscan systems integrate seamlessly with your existing shipping software and carrier systems.