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About CubiScan

The idea for the development of an automated, integrated cubing (dimension scanning) and weighing system first began with a need at U.S. Department of Defense supply depots in the mid 1980s. Their receipt of goods from vendors and inter-organization shipments required that military shipment labels disclose parcel dimensions and weight. Furthermore, they needed item cube in their attempts to optimize the use of storage space at supply depots. Prior to the development of an automated solution, their only option was to manually measure product with tape measures, and then weigh them, recording all results manually. The process was time-consuming and error-prone. As a result of this need, the founder of Quantronix set out to develop a more effective and efficient product solution.

By 1987 the prototype of an automated dimensioning and weighing system had been created and information sent to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Interest was expressed and several months later, in early 1988, a demonstration of the equipment was arranged. There, DLA officials had an opportunity to see the potential solution, ask questions, and test a product prototype. The initial response was very positive, and in 1989 Quantronix became a prime contractor to the DLA for the installation of a large quantity of dimension scanning systems (model CubiScan 100).

In 1990 Quantronix began to vigorously pursue private-industry needs for automated dimensioning systems, both in transportation and distribution industry applications. By mid 1990 the company had established itself as a small but innovative and viable supplier of static and in-motion cubing systems, capturing contracts with large courier and logistics companies in both the U.S. and Canada.